An investment in training is an investment in increased productivity, overall equipment effectiveness, reduced downtime and minimized cost of ownership. Ilapak Training services provides factory and regionally based training packages that can be delivered either in an Ilapak training facility or on a customer’s site. Training programs can be offered as a mixed group based on pre-planned scheduled training or can be formatted for an individual customer’s specific needs.

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  • HFFS - Growing Our Skills

    Ilapak Lugano
    P.O. Box 756 CH-6916 Grancia - Lugano

    Duration: 3 days (test)

    Reserved for Ilapak  and agent workers. Objective:
    A) to know the basic operational principles of the machines
    B) to know how to set up and regulate the machines
    C) machine troubleshooting and performance improvement of the machine      
    D) adequate machine maintenance

    Few seats available
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