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Fruit and veg producers, packers and handlers looking for complete packaging lines should pay a visit to ILAPAK - a leader in flexible packaging equipment for the fresh produce industries. Known for its hygienic, efficient and reliable flow wrapping and bagging engineering, ILAPAK is now extending its offering to include turn-key lines that integrate feeding, weighing and packaging for a seamless workflow. ILAPAK has also invested heavily in R&D for this industry, with an ultra-accurate salad leaf weigher, a flexible linear weigher and a mid-range modular flow wrapper among its latest innovations. 

ILAPAK’s knowledgeable sector specialists will be on hand to discuss how these and ILAPAK’s other flexible packaging technologies can yield a rapid return on investment through reduced cost of ownership and reliable performance in harsh environments.

Laying out new linear weighing capabilities


At FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 it will be demonstrating this new element of its offering through a potato weighing and bagging line incorporating the 14-head Weightronic 1400V linear weigher - a model that brings a new level of flexibility to fruit and veg packing.

This weigher presents a versatile alternative to rival vibratory systems - which tend to be dedicated to a particular product - and can switch easily between fruit and veg items such as potatoes, apples, citrus fruit, onions and carrots. This flexibility is due to features such as quick-change vibratory channels and weighing buckets that allow for tool-less changeovers between different types and sizes of products. For delicate products, special features such as minimised drops and adapted collector bins ensure gentle handling.

The Weightronic 1400V has also been engineered for ease of cleaning and robustness - two key criteria when handling fresh fruit and veg. It has an open, stainless steel, self-draining frame, quick change distribution plates and 45° sloping surfaces that prevent dirt and debris from collecting, and uses high speed stainless steel load cells.

The weighing buckets are arranged in a staggered configuration, resulting in a footprint that is unusually small for a machine handling such a large product.

Attractive alternative to polynet potatoes


At Fruit Logistica, the Weightronic1400 V will be feeding a Vegatronic 1000 intermittent vertical bagger. This closed frame machine is characterised by heavy duty execution that is ideal for the harsh conditions encountered in potato packing environments.

The Vegatronic 1000 is capable of producing pillow, block bottom, Quattro and pouch formats, but on this occasion, will be shown packing potatoes into an innovative polybag film bag with net window.

Switching from the traditional polynet easy fresh bag to a more attractive gusseted Kraft film polybag with net window not only improves presentation, but also productivity, as the bagger can run this film more quickly than it can bandoliers and polynet.

Following the introduction of a new film specifically for this application, ILAPAK has become the first equipment manufacturer to offer this option - an achievement which required some thoughtful engineering.

“We designed the forming tubes with asymmetric shoulders for an offset longitudinal seal and applied a special coating to the jaws to prevent the film from sticking and to maximise performance,” explains Boccolini.

Weightronic WA 14-65: Leading the weigh on salad leaves


ILAPAK’s Weightronic WA 14-65 multi-head combination weigher already offers the highest speeds in the industry on salad leaf applications thanks to advanced software and the engineering of its radial feeders, top dispersion cone and discharge chutes.

Now, users of the industry-leading weigher can also look forward to reduced giveaway, following design improvements that have enhanced the WA 14-65’s weighing accuracy.

Whilst most multi-heads on the market have two sets of memory hoppers, the WA 14-65 now has three sets.

“Adding a third tier of memory hoppers increases the number of available combinations for the system to choose from, enabling it to get even closer to the target weight. This improved accuracy translates directly to reduced giveaway and cost savings for our customers,” explains Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Division Product Manager at ILAPAK.

With its full washdown construction and quick release parts, the Weightronic WA 14-65 is designed to meet the  hygiene demands of the produce and leafy salad industries. The compact weigher is available with small, medium or large volume hoppers.

Vegatronic 6000: bagger that won’t balk at changeovers


Ilapak’s Weightronic WA 14-65 is often married with its Vegatronic 6000 vertical bagger to maximise overall line efficiency.

The versatile Vegatronic 6000 has become the bagger of choice for salad producers, owing to its ultra-hygienic construction and fast changeover capabilities.

The continuous motion bagger can pack both dry and wet products into pillowblock bottomQuattroEasyPack and Doy style formats with fast and tool-less changeover. Assisted forming tube removal, a dual film reel holder and automatic film reel splicing are among the features that enable operators to switch between products in a matter of minutes. The film carriage design enables packs of up to 300mm in width to be produced from virtually any film, including heavy laminates and thick polyethylene.

Complete IP65 protection is delivered through full stainless steel execution, isolating the electrical cabinet from the main machine frame, the absence of any welds and smooth, angled surfaces without recesses. This ultra-hygienic construction enables full washdown capability, even of the sealing elements.

The Vegatronic 6000 machine on show at Fruit Logistica 2017 will incorporate a conventional heat sealing head. The Vegatronic 6000 is also available with ultrasonic sealing for manufacturers looking to eliminate seal contamination and leaky seals in salad bags.

Salad producers running an Ilapak Vegatronic series VFFS with ultrasonic sealing technology can expect to see dramatic improvements in energy consumption and film usage, whilst slashing their leaky bag rate to new lows.

Carrera 1000: pack to the future


On the horizontal side, Ilapak’s Carrera 1000 flow wrapper has been redesigned to offer the same modularity and hygienic construction as the top-of-the-range Carrera 6000 series, but at a mid-range price point.

Producers and packers of items like tomatoes, apples, peaches, plums and kiwis can take advantage of shorter lead times and lower cost of ownership as a result of the Carrera 1000’s modular design. Users can customise their machine by selecting only the modules they need, and can easily add modules at a later date. The machine’s modularity also makes maintenance quicker and easier, as individual sections can be removed rather than having to dismantle the entire machine.

Flexibility is maximised through the use of servo motors and a PLC control platform, which enable fast and easy size change operations.

The flow wrapper offers complete IP65 protection, enabling full washdown - even of the sealing elements. This ultra-hygienic design has been achieved through full stainless steel execution, isolating the electrical cabinet from the main machine frame and smooth, angled surfaces without recesses. The ergonomic cantilever design makes for easy access for cleaning.

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