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Equipment Guide:



The continuous motion bagger Vegatronic 6000 can pack both dry and wet products into pillow, block bottom and Quattro with fast and tool-less changeover solutions

Assisted forming tube removal, single or cantilevered film reel shaft, dual film reel holder with heat-seal splicer, automatic film reel splicing and more are among the features making this machine one of the most user-friendly and high-efficiency VFFS machine available on the market today. 

The film carriage design enables packs of up to 300mm wide to be produced from virtually any film, including heavy laminates, polyethylene and a number of new-generation sustainable films such as biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

The Vegatronic 6000 machine on show at Fruit Logistica 2020 will run block bottom bags with innovative, recyclable paper-based film. The machine is also available with ultrasonic sealing system for manufacturers looking to minimize seal contamination and maximize their packaging line output especially running any kind of leafy product (ie. lettuce, baby leaf, spinach, rocket etc.). The versatile VT 6000 has become the bagger of choice for salad and vegetable producers, owing to its ultra-hygienic construction, fast changeover capabilities and great accessibility.




ILAPAK’s WA 14-65 multi-head combination weigher already offers the highest speeds in the industry on salad leaf applications thanks to advanced software and the engineering of its radial feeders, top dispersion cone and discharge chutes.

Now, users of the industry-leading weigher can also look forward to reduced giveaway, following design improvements that have enhanced the WA 14-65’s weighing accuracy.

Whilst most multi-heads on the market have two sets of memory hoppers, the WA 14-65 now has three sets.

 “Adding a third tier of memory hoppers increases the number of available combinations for the system to choose from, enabling it to get even closer to the target weight. This improved accuracy translates directly to reduced giveaway and cost savings for our customers,” explains Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Division Product Manager at ILAPAK.

 With its full washdown construction and quick release parts, the WA 14-65 is designed to meet the  hygiene demands of the produce and leafy salad industries. The compact weigher is available with small, medium or large volume hoppers.




The V 2029 is a net clipping machine with user friendly operation for package weights from 1-10 pounds* 

With this machine all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, limes, peppers, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions, garlic and similar products of the food industry can be packed into vexar, extruded or woven machine useable net material. The net clipping machine works with net material that is drawn off the net tube for each machine cycle and closed with a clip. At the same time the bag can be provided with a strip, wine-glass style or up to 80mm wide single clip or clip to clip label. The finished bag is discharged from an included conveyor that can take the bag to the front or to the back of the machine. 

The V 2029 features an automatic system to change from one net tube to the other ensuring continuous production. This machine is built to industry mandates and complies with the newest industrial standards.

 A Siemens S7 control unit regulates all machine functions and a 7” touch screen with different language capabilities simplifies the operation and storage of programs and setting of parameters. All motors are VFD controlled for safety with soft start/stop and provide electrical rather than problematic maintenance intensive motor braking. All internal clip-head parts are industry standard not proprietary. 

Direct thermal label printers, label applicators for 80mm wide labels including clip to clip labels, single or double weighment holding collectors and infeed funnels to the net tube and 125, 140, 160, 200 or 250mm net tubes complete the option list. Production rates of 45-50 packages per minute are obtainable*

*depending on products, package weight and weighing/counting machinery used

To get the full picture, come to our booth at Hall 3.1 - Stand D-08, where you can take advantage of our hospitality, talk to a sector specialist and view real-life application videos on a big screen.

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