Fruit Logistica 2019

Visitors looking for a packaging equipment supplier with complete line capabilities and proven produce industry experience are urged to come to ILAPAK’s booth, Hall 9 Stand C06

Packaging solutions on display:

NEW! Vegatronic 2300 OF Sanitary Design bagger: unfazed by harsh conditions

New Vegatronic 2300 OF Higienic Design _ Wet applications for salad in vertical pillow bag - front view - doors closed (3)

Available rated to IP65 or IP66, the new Vegatronic 2300 OF is characterised by hygienic execution, a compact footprint and high performance. The bagger’s open frame design provides ready access to all machine components for cleaning and maintenance, there are no cavities where dirt and debris can accumulate. Engineered with a short product drop and making full use of servo motors in combination with vacuum film pull belts, this intermittent bagger offers unparalleled performance on the full range of vertical bag styles, including pillow packs, block bottom bags and Quattro and pouch packs.At Fruit Logistica 2019, the machine will be equipped with Ultrasonic sealing system.

Weightronic WA 14-65: lett-uce introduce the salad industry’s #1 weigher


Companies looking to source their bagger and weigher from a single supplier can see the Vegatronic 2300 OF integrated with ILAPAK’s industry-leading Weightronic WA 14-65 multi-head weigher, creating a seamless and highly efficient work flow. The Weightronic WA 14-65 is designed to meet the hygiene demands of the produce and leafy salad industries, where high levels of chlorine and frequent washdowns present a challenge to all but the most robust equipment. Full stainless steel construction ensures corrosion-resistance, embossed execution assists the flow of sticky leafy products, and quick remove change parts facilitate cleaning. The weigher also boasts the highest speeds in the industry on salad leaf applications thanks to advanced software and the engineering of its radial feeders, top dispersion cone and discharge chutes.

Carrera 1500.NEW! flow wrapper balances budget and build demands

Carrera 1500 - Side view (1)

This successor to the Carrera 1000 responds to the budget, build quality and flexibility requirements of mid-range produce industry operations. ILAPAK has balanced these demands by rationalising the number of added features and re-engineering the machine frame design and sealing system. At Fruit Logistica 2019, the new Carrera 1500 will be equipped with a special folding box specially designed for executing properly paper films and compostable films.

Weightronic 1000 L

Ilapak Weightronic 1200 Soft Fill_linear weigher

The Weightronic 1000 L takes flexibility to a new level for fruit and veg. The weigher presents a versatile alternative and can switch easily between fruit and veg items such as small potatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans, citrus fruit or onions. The machine is equipped with wide and quick-change overlapping vibratory channels and distribution plates that allow to run different types and sizes of products.  The weighing buckets are arranged in a linear configuration and are easy to remove for cleaning.

To get the full picture, come to our booth at Hall 9 Stand C06, where you can take advantage of our hospitality, talk to a sector specialist and view real-life application videos on a big screen.

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