IDEA 2019


Booth #1016, IDEA, 25-28 March 2019, Miami, Florida

With demand for cross-folded wipes continuing to rise, Ilapak , Teknoweb and Ciemme (companies part of the IMA Group) will demonstrate a fully integrated converting and flow wrapping line that brings unrivaled speed capabilities and new operator functionality to this popular application.

Centrally controlled complete cross fold line

Comprising the Teknoweb Exige 3 cross folding converting system, the Ilapak Genesis Pack flow wrapper and the Ciemme CM100 robotic lid applicator, the state of the art, centrally controlled line will be in operation on Ilapak’s booth.

This is the first time Ilapak has designed this modular converting and flow wrapping platform with centralised control architecture. Controlling the entire line from a single HMI has a number of benefits for operators and engineers, including simplifed programming, operation and troubleshouting, as well as benefits for overall line efficiency.

“Centrally controlled lines are commonplace in many industries, but in the wet wipes sector, there are very few companies that will actually provide complete production and packaging lines, and even fewer that will offer centrally controlled line solutions. We are delighted to be able to offer exactly this: a seamless workflow, delivered by a single turnkey supplier, with a single point of contact for technical back-up,” says Larry Brown, Midwest Regional HFFS Sales Manager at ILAPAK.

Exige has a reputation for being one of the world’s fastest wet wipe converting processes and the solution at IDEA, which has the Exige 3 at its core, will not disappoint.

The three lane converting system can produce cross-folded wet wipes at a rate of 2400 per minute. Teknoweb has achieved this superior performance by simplifying the stacking, folding and cutting processes.

The Teknoweb Exige 3 will be shown connected to the Ilapak Genesis Pack flow wrapper, producing wet wipes at speeds of 100 packs per minute (ppm). The Genesis Pack offers Ilapak build quality and performance at a very competitive price. Users benefit from features like an open automation platform, servo-driven operation and superior hermetic sealing capabilities that aren’t usually found on a machine in this price bracket. Furthermore, the Genesis Pack is highly configurable via a suite of modules designed specifically for wet wipe producers. Companies can opt for a basic, economic machine, and add modules such as automatic splicing, edge guiding, unwinding and die cutting at a later date. 

The third element of the line will be the Ciemme CM100 robotic lid applicator for adding a reclosable plastic lid to wet wipe packs. Alternatively, Ilapak can supply the Genesis Pack with an inline zipper applicator, where a reclosable zipper is the closure of choice.

Ultrasonic sealing for ‘green’ films

Ilapak is also anticipating plenty of interest in its ultrasonic sealing capabilities, on the back of the current biodegradable film trend that is sweeping the US market. Ultrasonic technology provides non-woven converters with the flexibility to run a variety of film substrates - plastic or biodegradable - whilst reducing film usage.

Visitors who want to determine whether ultrasonic sealing could be retrofitted to their wet wipe operation are invited to come onto Ilapak’s booth, where experts will be on hand. 

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