IFFA 2019

Stand B16, Hall 11, IFFA, 4-9 May 2019, Frankfurt, Germany

ILAPAK will unveil the Vegatronic 6400 – a new continuous motion bagger that offers best-in-class hygiene and maximum uptime when packaging frozen meat products such as nuggets, burgers, chicken pieces and sausages. ILAPAK has also chosen IFFA as the preview for its new Industry 4.0 compatible touchscreen, which offers web-based features such as augmented reality (AR) never before available on a multihead weigher.



NEW! Vegatronic 6400: hygienic and efficient bagger for IQF proteins

The Vegatronic 6400 is an evolution of ILAPAK’s top performing Vegatronic 6000 bagger, which has been developed and adapted to meet the specific demands of meat industry in terms of sanitary design, accessibility, fast changeover and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Open frame design, IP66 rated electrical components, easy removable forming tube and a cantilever film reel shaft are among the features that combine to make the Vegatronic 6400 the most efficient and hygienic meat industry bagger on the market today.

“We previewed the Vegatronic 6400 at our open house event in Bologna in February, where it met with an effusive response from customers, but IFFA is the first time that this new bagger will be shown to the industry at large. In engineering the VT 6400, we have elevated hygiene and efficiency to a much higher level than any other bagger not only in our own range, but in the entire market,” says Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Product Manager at ILAPAK. 

He continues: “The Vegatronic 6000 was introduced five years ago, and in that time, we have talked to customers in various food industry sectors to establish what aspects they like and how the bagger could be enhanced for their specific applications. The clear message from the frozen meat industry was that sanitary design and uptime are the two most important criteria, so we have acted on that.”

Sanitary design has been achieved by keeping aluminium components to a minimum (moving parts only) and using high quality stainless steel for the majority of parts. The film reel carriage, film rollers and bearings, for example, are all full stainless steel construction. Thoughtful engineering has resulted in a machine that has minimal flat surfaces and recesses where dust and debris can accumulate. All parts on the main frame of the bagger are made from rounded components, the splicing table and forming tube support arm are inclined, the top of the electrical cabinet is sloped and the protective plate above the bagger is apex shaped. The Vegatronic 6400 is also a full washdown bagger; all electronic and electrical parts are sealed to IP66 or higher and open frame architecture allows ready access for cleaning. The open frame design also maximises uptime, as engineers and operators have full accessibility to the front and side of the machine, which makes for easy maintenance.

Efficiency on the Vegatronic 6400 has been enhanced in a number of ways. The splicing table is vacuum assisted, making it very quick to operate, the forming tube is mounted on a swivel arm for easy side removal and the film reel shaft is both pneumatically activated and cantilever – making film reel changeovers much quicker than on machines with a drop-in shaft. The VT 6400 can also be equipped with a dual reel holder and automatic splicing system to further enhance efficiency. The machine is designed with short drop heights to prevent breakage of brittle frozen products and support high speed operation. 

The Vegatronic 6400 is targeted to the needs of the IQF protein market, but is also well suited to frozen produce and cheese – indeed any market that has stringent hygiene requirements. The ideal solution for medium/large bags, it can produce pillow packs with or without MAP with a maximum film reel width of 830mm from laminated films, HDPE, LDPE or biodegradable/compostable materials.

At IFFA, the Vegatronic6400 will be running a compostable film, demonstrating ILAPAK’s readiness and ability to offer the meat industry more sustainable alternatives to plastic films. 



NEW! Industry 4.0 ready weigher control pad

More often than not, in IQF meat installations, ILAPAK supplies its baggers in a turn-key, integrated solution that also incorporates a multihead weigher. ILAPAK has drawn on the latest web technologies to make its Weightronic (WA) multihead weigher Industry 4.0 ready with the launch of a new smart interface. Besides advanced graphics, this state-of-the-art display offers a number of new features for enhanced diagnostics, analytics, set-up, interrogation and connectivity, including an industry first – AR (augmented reality) functionality that gives the operator a unique view into the machine.

ILAPAK is the first multihead weigher on the market to offer interaction via AR. Software linked to a camera located within the machine allows the operator to derive weigher performance and current status intelligence. This facility can assist with problem diagnosis and resolution by highlighting faults on-screen and is invaluable when creating new recipes on the weigher. 

A web interface that enables mobile connectivity is another new feature on the Weightronic’s new HMI. Users can view the interface from multiple devices in different languages and locations – assisting with diagnostics and machine optimisation and ensuring compliance with Industry 4.0.  

The new control pad can switch between imperial and metric measures and can store up to 1000 product recipes in its memory. It also features search engine functionality, so rather than having to scroll through every recipe to find the one they are looking for, operators can type in the first few letters of a product and the search engine will locate that recipe. A new, more sophisticated  authentication system allows users to set access levels for an unlimited number of users, giving greater flexibility on system security.

The new HMI will be demonstrated at IFFA on the WA 14-50, which will be configured for IQF protein products, with large weighing buckets, embossed execution and a shallow angle for controlled product drop.



Delta Flobag: complete wurst-atility

On the HFFS side, ILAPAK is promoting its Delta Flobag machine as a flexible solution for packing large deli joints, sausages and other fresh and cooked meat products. 

The Delta Flobag is the machine of choice for manufacturers looking for a flexible and economical workhorse that can switch between laminate film and Flobag vacuumed flow-pack presentations. Characterised by versatility and rugged, hygienic, full stainless steel construction, this system enables factories to replace their more expensive pre-made bag solutions with lower cost film from a reel.

Available as a top or bottom reel machine, the Delta Flobag is particularly suited to lines running a variety of products, as the machine automatically cuts the pack size to each product’s dimensions. Long dwell sealing guarantees air-tight seals over the product’s shelf life.


Meat the protein packaging experts

To discuss how ILAPAK can conceive a flexible, hygienic and efficient packaging solution for your fresh, frozen or cooked meat & poultry products, come and meet our team of specialists. Our industry expertise spans vertical and horizontal packaging equipment, stand-alone machinery and complete integrated lines incorporating automatic feeding and weighing, high integrity hermetic sealing and vacuum and MAP packaging.

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