Pack Expo 2018

It’s our pleasure to invite you to our Pack Expo booth in Chicago 2018, located in the South Building - Booth 3783, to see the exciting new packaging innovations.You’ll be able to talk to our U.S packaging experts with in-depth knowledge of your production processes and see both our vertical and horizontal packaging machines in action.

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Packaging solutions on display:

Vegatronic 6000 SD (Sanitary Design)

Vegatronic 6000 Sanitary Design - USDA Dairy Compliant - Interpack 2017 white

Cheese producers looking for the ultimate in hygienic design will be impressed by the Vegatronic 6000 SD, a new, ultra-hygienic solution for demanding and harsh environments.
The system is designed to be compliant with the USDA’s strict sanitation performance standards. The Vegatronic 6000SD machine is specifically designed with no holes or recesses where product or water can accumulate and where bacteria can harbor. All components have been designed with limited use of threaded parts and all film and product contact parts have ‘extreme’ finishing.
The film unwind  are made out of one-piece stainless steel rollers with bearings located outside of the side frame to prevent lubricant migration to the film and guarding is constructed from transparent material that is highly resistant to harsh cleaning detergents.
Cleaning is also facilitated by the machine’s open “C” frame design  and a unique swivel arm forming tube for easy removal.

Delta 3SSC for soft tortillas

Delta 6000 3SS C (1)

Ilapak has advanced its Delta 3 side seal reclosable 3SSC  machine which now offers two variations of this innovative flow wrapper. The Delta 3SSC is the first machine that can produce three side seal pillow packs on a horizontal flowrapper with MAP and different types of reclosable zippers.
This opens up new presentation possibilities for products like tortillas, pizzas and flat breads.
When it launched at last year’s Interpack, the Delta 3SSC was only available in a narrow version for products of up to 150mm wide. Now, with the introduction of the wide version, products of up to 360mm wide can take advantage of this innovative pack format, which gives consumers an easy to open recloseable bag. The benefits are the the lack of a fin seal, utilizing every inch of the package for marketing purposes.

Vegatronic 2000 OF 


The Vegatronic 2000 Open Frame is today’s most innovative and high-tech Vertical Form Fill & Seal(VFFS) machine. It’s an high-quality, high-end range machine with excellent sanitary design. Ideal to run a wide variety of pack styles including PrimaPak, Doy packs and transverse zipper bags in industries such as produce, diary, IQF, bakery, confectionery and many others with both heat seal and ultrasonic sealing solutions available. 

V-Smart thinking for your business!


The V-Smart is an entry-level Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) intermittent machine ideally suited to confectionery, nut, dried fruit, bakery, powder and non-food applications. The automatic intermittent bagger V-Smart boasts open frame design, exceptionally compact dimensions and a competitive price tag for ILAPAK build quality.

Weightronic WA 14-25


An ultra-hygienic multi-head combination weigher that is suitable for a full wash-down environments, available with small, medium and large volume hoppers for high speed applications with lowest give-away.

Carrera 1000 and Carrera 500 Allen Bradley.


Horizontal rotary jaw Carrera flow wrappers can be tailored to match each customer’s specific needs, and deliver maximum production flexibility and efficiency at each performance level.

Z-Series Counting Machine


The Z-Series Counting Machine is equipped with 4 – 12 vibration channels and is designed for counting from 2 - 200 units per minute. It can handle fresh, par-baked or deep-frozen bakery products such as kaiser rolls, bagels, croissants, donuts.

DSA Raptor


The Delta Systems Raptor is the first robotic flow wrapping system to operate via a common control platform for both robot and wrapper, reducing capital outlay and cost of ownership over the machine’s lifespan while simplifying troubleshooting, fault recovery management and day to day operation. It is also the first system in ILAPAK’s portfolio to offer augmented reality features for trouble shooting and preventative maintenance.

DSA Eagle Wrapper high-speed flow wrapper with Twin Servo Head

The Delta Systems Eagle is a versatile platform and is commonly integrated into a wide variety of automated packaging systems. Capable of speeds in excess of 1200 ppm the Eagle is designed for 24/7 production environments and includes standard features such as automatic splicing and expanded Touchscreen diagnostics to allow efficient operation and overall efficiency excellence.The Eagle Flow Wrapper is manufactured from plate aluminum or optional plate stainless steel that is seam welded for sanitary applications in wash down environments. On display at the show with Twin Servo Head.

DSA Eagle Wrapper high-speed flow wrapper with Singulation and Re-circulation System.

- Chicane singulation system
- fabric or plastic modular belts
- driven chicane belts
- wash-down design available to ip69k
- light contact/non-contact
- cantilevered design
- easy belt removal

See you at Pack Expo Chicago 2018, South Building - Booth 3783


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