Have a butcher’s at ILAPAK’s sausage packaging solutions
ILAPAK’s Delta Flobag offers complete ‘wurst-atility’ when packing non-uniform sausages of different shapes and sizes, whilst the Delta 3000 flow wrapper is the top choice on Europe’s high speed fresh sausage lines.Sausages are an important part o...
Delta Flobag: complete wurst-atility
ILAPAK is going to exhibit its Delta Flobag flow wrapper at IFFA 2019 as a flexible solution for packing large deli joints, sausages and other fresh and cooked meat products.
No more flapping about poultry packing: Delta 3000 has all formats covered
Pressure to reduce plastic is prompting poultry packers and processors in some markets to move to ‘no tray’ or cardboard trays when wrapping whole birds. ILAPAK’s Delta 3000 flow wrapping platform gives poultry operations the flexibility to run th...
Meat industry ready for ‘zero contact’ vacuum flow wrapping line
Driven by rising concerns over contamination and labour shortages, the fresh meat industry is on the cusp of eschewing pre-made shrink bags in favour of an on-machine vacuum flow wrapping process that eliminates any product contact.
Meat ILAPAK’s hygienic and efficient new bagger for IQF proteins
At IFFA 2019, ILAPAK will unveil the Vegatronic 6400 – a new continuous motion bagger that offers best-in-class hygiene and maximum uptime when packaging frozen meat products such as nuggets, burgers, chicken pieces and sausages.The Vegatronic 640...
Carrera 6000 prevents ‘freezer burn’ in burgers
ILAPAK’s top performing Carrera 6000 is enjoying success in South America, where the flow wrapper has been supplied to a number of manufacturers for producing dual chamber pillow packs with perforations for frozen burgers.
Ilapak gets Industry 4.0 ready with new weigher control pad
Ilapak has drawn on the latest web technologies to make its Weightronic (WA) multihead weigher Industry 4.0 ready with the launch of a new smart interface. 
First time at Fruit Logistica for carrera 1500 flow wrapper
ILAPAK is exhibiting its new Carrera 1500 flow wrapper at Fruit Logistica 2019. Designed for packing items like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and apples, this successor to the Carrera 1000 responds to the budget, build quality and flexibility requir...

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