Vision2000: now with laser detection capabilities
ILAPAK has upgraded its successful Vision2000 vision and counting platform with new laser height detection capabilities and design features that allow easier access for maintenance.
Hot stuff! Block bottom bags for soft cheese
Years of “in the field” experience and R&D have enabled ILAPAK to develop a VFFS solution that addresses all the challenges of packaging hot filled soft cheese in block bottom gusseted bags.
Goodness gracious, great balls of mozzarella!
Incremental innovation has enabled ILAPAK to conceive a new high-speed VFFS solution for packing individual mozzarella balls in brine. This unique system, based on ILAPAK’s industry-leading Vegatronic 6000 bag maker, is capable of up to 120ppm.
Creating a protective ‘second skin’ for Euroblocks
Cheese producers looking for an economic and reliable solution for over-wrapping Euroblocks destined for supermarket deli counters and food service operators should check out ILAPAK’s Delta 3000.
Stand-up pouches for ‘grate’ shelf appeal
From Mozzarella and Parmesan to Emmental, Cheddar and Feta, grated, sliced and cubed cheese is increasingly packaged in stand-up pouches, a format that enhances shelf appeal and optimises fixture space with full panel graphic. With over 20 years’...
One flow wrapper; two sealing modes; countless opportunities
Ilapak is using Anuga Foodtec as the food industry launch-pad for the new Delta 6000 3SS C (Side Seal), which gives cheese producers the option to produce two different formats - pillow bags and three side seal bags - on the same machine.
Complete line solutions for fresh veg
ILAPAK’s VFFS division has developed a suite of complete line solutions for producers and packers of fresh vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic, ginger and brussel sprouts. 
Vacuum packs cut cost of food service salad bags
ILAPAK has developed a new first-of-its-kind vacuum packing solution that offers considerable cost and shelf-life advantages versus the usual large pillow pack for bulk salad bags.