Stand-up pouches for stand-out frozen veg
As the IQF vegetable market moves towards stand-up pouches, ILAPAK is at the ready with a new generation of versatile bag makers that can switch seamlessly between films and formats, whether LDPE pillow packs or laminated PET/PE pouches.
Weightronic 1200 SF: showing the softer side of weighing
ILAPAK has launched a new linear weigher thattakes flexibility to a new level on fruit and veg applications demanding gentler treatment.
Ultrasonic packaging, a green advantage.
In the last decade, ultrasonic sealing technology has become more accessible to the mass market and more versatile in terms of the bag styles and films it can seal.
Visit by IMA Chairman and CEO Alberto Vacchi to Ilapak in Lugano
IMA S.p.A. Chairman and CEO Alberto Vacchi visited the Ilapak production plant in Lugano. While giving his best wishes to all the workers, Mr. Vacchi confirmed IMA Group’s desire to invest in flexible packaging, with Ilapa...
Vision 2000: counting with cameras
The centrepiece of ILAPAK’s new suite of counting systems is the state-of-the-art Vision 2000, which offers a flexible, accurate and low-noise alternative to conventional vibratory counters. 
Ilapak booth ‘choc full’ with flow wrapping innovation
Two exhibits will illustrate the company’s confectionery flow wrapping credentials: the ground-breaking Lux 24 pouch maker will make its first Interpack appearance, and a high speed bar wrapping line featuring innovative shuttle feeding technology...
Meat the flow wrapping experts at Interpack
The centrepiece of the meat zone will be a Delta 6000 BM flow wrapper connected to a linear vacuum chamber. Running a simulated meat process, ILAPAK will demonstrate how this automated solution presents an economic alternative to pre-made shrink b...