Ultrasonic sealing solves leaky bag issues
One of the main attractions at this year’s Interpack was ILAPAK’s modular Vegatronic 6000 VFFS, which was shown in full stainless steel construction with ultrasonic sealing to eliminate seal contamination and leaky seals in salad bags. 
Trayless flow wrapping cuts material consumption
ILAPAK has developed a trayless flow wrapping solution that allows producers and packers of tomatoes, apples and other spherical products to boost their environmental credentials whilst saving on material costs.
Beyond doy packs
For chocolate manufacturers in search of other aesthetically pleasing vertical formats, ILAPAK’s Vegatronic series of machines can offer great flexibility running off the full range of bag styles you can expect to get from a vertical bagger includ...
The world’s first hermetically sealed twist-wrap
The main innovation for manufacturers of candies is the Olympus, the first HFFS in the world capable of creating a traditional twist-wrap with a hermetic seal.
New bakery applications for VACMAP extended shelf life technology
ILAPAK’s successful Delta VACMAP technology, which combines a thermoforming shelf life with a pillow pack presentation, already available to manufacturers of tortillas, pizzas and bread rolls.
Reclosable label technology
ILAPAK is active in a number of industry sectors, and one advantage of this is that Ilapak technologies can be transferred between different sectors. This knowledge transfer approach has resulted in a number of innovations over the years, crossing...
Ultra-hygienic flowwrapper and revolutionary wafer feeding module
ILAPAK has unveiled the industry’s first IP65 rated fully modular HFFS (horizontal form-fill-seal) flowrapper and a ground-breaking gentle feeding device to eliminate breakage of bakery products such as wafers and other similar biscuits.
ILAPAK unveils new flowrap options for pizzas and tortillas
ILAPAK has conceived two HFFS (horizontal form-fill-seal) innovations for pizzas and tortillas. The company’s Delta VACMAP technology, which combines a thermoforming shelf life with a pillow pack presentation, is now available to manufacturers of...

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