ILA-Predict : the new software package that capitalises on connectivity

Industry 4.0 is expected to be one of the biggest buzzwords at Interpack 2017, and ILAPAK will be showing how its customers can harness the cyber-physical with a new flow wrapper software platform, ILA-Predict.

An entire corner of the ILAPAK booth will be dedicated to demonstrating how this intelligent software, when integrated with a service level agreement (SLA), can optimise flow wrapper reliability and efficiency.

Essentially, the software cross-checks the working condition of the flow wrapper with the maintenance plan for the machine, and monitors the machine’s performance with reference to KPIs  (key performance indicators) agreed with the customer.

ILA-Predict will not only give advance warning of scheduled maintenance, but will also make preventative maintenance recommendations based on real-time performance data, and will optimise maintenance to minimise downtime and plan resources more efficiently.

“If a customer needs to stop the line for maintenance on another machine, using ILA-Predict, it can programme the two events to minimise disruption to producton,” explains Luca Bordin, vice president of customer care at ILAPAK.

In developing ILA-Predict, ILAPAK’s engineers have applied an approach - FMECA (failure mode, effects and criticality analysis).This investigates how each machine component might fail and the impact on production. FMECA uses these findings to reduce the criticality of components, for example, by recommending maintenance activities that will minimise the possibility of a fault occuring.

The software package also provides customers with a valuable tool for monitoring and improving machine performance and availability. Users can, for example, analyse and compare the efficiency of different machines and products, based on data such as film usage, number of units processed, shift activity etc.

 ILA-Predict is available on new machines and as a retrofit to existing flow wrappers. 

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