Pharma industry in focus on ilapak booth at Interpack 2017

Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are the fastest growing users of ILAPAK’s industry-leading flow wrapping technology. Reflecting its increasing involvement in this industry, ILAPAK will, for the first time, have a dedicated area on its booth where visitors can learn more about its pharmaceutical-specific flow wrapping portfolio. 

ILAPAK has the advantage of being part of the IMA Group, a world leader in pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment. By combining ILAPAK’s extensive flow wrapping expertise with IMA’s vast industry knowledge, ILAPAK is perfectly placed to offer both stand-alone and fully integrated flow wrapping solutions that address the exacting demands of this industry. These could range from wrappers with automatic feeding and vision inspection to wrappers integrated into full IMA lines.

“The pharmaceutical and medical industries currently represent about 4% of our turnover, but year on year, sales are growing by over 100%, and we now have over 200 installations in the field, including several blue chip multi-national companies. In the next few years it is our objective to grow this part of our business through industry-led R&D. Interpack, and the dedicated pharmaceutical corner of our booth, is the ideal platform for showing visitors how we are responding to their challenges, whether that is to increase line speed, improve seal integrity or implement pack serialisation,” says Christian Ballabio, ILAPAK’s product manager, pharmaceuticals.

The appeal of ILAPAK’s offering for the pharmaceutical industry lies not just in its integration capabilities, but also in its ability to deliver hermetic sealing and MAP at the high speeds that are characteristic of pharmaceutical lines.

Combining sanitary design with high integrity sealing capabilities, ILAPAK’s Delta 3000 and Delta 6000 flow wrappers both meet this brief. As a result, both models are proving popular with the pharmaceutical industry, where they are being put to work on tablet blister packs, inhalers, syringes, vials and IVU bags, to name but a few applications. 

On the Delta 6000, seal integrity is guaranteed through a revolutionary sealing system with parallel opening feeding rollers. Operators can adjust the pressure on the fin seal, resulting in high integrity hermetic seals and enhanced film control. A new high speed, long dwell sealing system enables running speeds of up to 200ppm - previously unheard in MAP applications.

Complete IP65 protection enables full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements. The machine’s ultra-hygienic design has been achieved through full stainless steel execution, isolating the electrical cabinet from the main machine frame, smooth, angled surfaces without recesses, tubular legs and an easy-clean infeed.

The Delta 3000 is based on the same sanitary design concept as the top-of-its-class Delta 6000, but with a price tag that is affordable to small and medium sized pharmaceutical firms. The machine’s competitive pricing has been achieved through modular construction, which allows users to start with a basic machine, and add on modules at a later date.

ILAPAK can supply its flow wrappers with integrated labelling, printing, coding and OCR/OCV vision inspection systems for operations looking to implement serialisation. It also offers validation protocol packages, customised electronic platforms and compliance with CFR Part 11 and clean room environment regulations.




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