Sanitary design drives innovations for chilled and frozen bakery

Reflecting the importance of the chilled and frozen industry to its business, ILAPAK has engineered several new VFFS (vertical form-fill-seal) and HFFS (horizontal form-fill-seal) systems with these customers in mind. These include the VT1600 ‘beautiful giant’ for frozen baked goods and Carrera 6000 ultra-hygienic flowrapper.

“The chilled and frozen bakery industry is one of our priority markets. Much of our multihead weigher and bagging R&D in the last few years has been focused on addressing the typical requirements of this industry, such as sanitary design and wash-down execution,” said Andrea Boccolini, Product Manager, Italy

While the Vegatronic 2000 OF and Vegatronic  4000 are considered among the best machines available for packing frozen product due to their open frame design, a new model for bulk sized bags has been added to the OF family.  With a maximum bag width of 580mm and maximum film width of 1200mm, the VT1600 is ideal for producing catering bags of rolls. It boasts the highest seal pressure on the market - key for guaranteeing gas tight seals – and is available in vertical or up to 55° angled transfer to minimise the risk of damage to fragile frozen rolls.

All ILAPAK Open Frame machines, both intermittent and continuous film motion, are capable of withstanding harsh environments and offer the operator unrivalled accessibility. Systems are IP65 rated in standard configuration and can be upgraded to IP66 if required.

On the HFFS side, the Ilapak’s complete systems are supplied for a variety of fresh, frozen and chilled bakery applications, and the company’s Carrera range incorporates design features that are specific to these products.

The Carrera 2000 for example in full stainless steel is suited to wrapping frozen pizzas of various shapes (round, square, rectangular and oval); the products are automatically collected from the freezer outfeed, aligned on several lines and then delivered to a waterproof multi-belt feeding system connected to the flowrapper.

Unveiled at Interpack, the Carrera 6000 - the world’s first IP65 rated fully modular flowrapper - is ideally suited to the chilled and frozen bakery industry, given its rugged, full wash down execution.

Complete IP65 protection has been achieved through full stainless steel execution, isolating the electrical cabinet from the main machine frame and smooth, angled surfaces without recesses. This ultra-hygienic construction enables full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements.

Users of this flexible and future-proof machine will benefit from shorter lead times and lower cost of ownership as a result of the Carrera 6000’s unique modular design. Users can customise their machine by selecting only the modules they need, and can easily add modules such as film auto-splicing, gusseting, and even a completely new jaw set up, at a later date. The machine’s modularity also makes maintenance and upgrading quicker and easier, as individual sections can be changed over easily instead.

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