In the demanding cheese packaging industry, ILAPAK's extremely hygienic machinery ensures exceptionally reliable hermetic seals without compromising on high performance throughput. We offer the widest range of innovative reclosable systems in the market, allowing your products to be more consumer friendly and to stand out on the supermarket shelf.

ILAPAK’s many years of hands-on experience in the cheese industry have given our team of specialists the expertise to offer a range of reliable, flexible and innovative packaging machinery and automatic lines designed with cheese makers’ needs in mind.

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Vegatronic 2000 OF |Cheese | Doy sytle and zipper | Shredded cheese (a)
Vegatronic 2000 | Cheese | diced mozzarella | Quattro seal (a)
Delta Flobag | Cheese | Cheese blocks | Automatic line (a)
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