Meat & Poultry

Responding to the exceptional perishability of meat and poultry products, ILAPAK’s packaging solutions provide hygienic machinery, leak-proof hermetic seals, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) capabilities, flexibility in product changeover to handle a wide variety of shapes and sizes and excellent pack aesthetics.

ILAPAK’s team of specialists takes great pride in its many years of hands-on experience in the Meat and Poultry  industry. Our proven know-how is expertly applied to our entire range of reliable, flexible and innovative packaging machinery and automatic lines designed with your needs in mind.

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Delta Flobag | Meat | Meat pieces (a)
Vegatronic 4000 | IQF | automatic line for frozen chicken nuggets (a)
Carrera 2000 | IQF | Automatic line for frozen burgers (a)
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