Lux 24

Lux 24, High speed pouch machine for Pillow and Doypack solutions.

The Ilapak Lux 24 is a revolutionary new range of innovative high speed pouch machinery with an unique dual motion system composed of an intermittent station for pouch forming and sealing and a continuous station for product filling.

This brand new Ilapak solution has been designed to form flat film roll stock into high quality Doypack bags with fully integrated filling solutions for liquids, solid, powder or granules products.

Given its versatility, Lux 24 is suitable for a wide number of applications including detergent liquid/powders, sauces, soup, beverage, candies, cereals and grated cheese. The Doy pouches packaged by Lux 24 can be equipped with spout, straw or zipper and even fitted with handle.

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