Pharma & Medical

The pharma & medical industry has very stringent requirements for hygiene, quality control, reliable hermetic seals and product tracking. In addition, tailor-made solutions are often necessary for specific applications.

Devices ranging from syringes, hemodialysis filters, phleboclysis/IV bags, blisters, monodose applicators, matrix and calibration liquids all require the highest degree of care to ensure pack integrity and ease of use.
In response to the stringent demands of medical device packaging, Ilapak’s team of specialists has applied its many years of hands-on experience in this industry to our entire range of reliable, flexible and innovative packaging machinery and automatic packaging lines, designed with your needs in mind.

Flow wrapping of: blisters, syringes, hemodialysis filters, phleboclysis/IV bags, monodose applicators, calibration liquids, matrix.


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