Block Bottom

Stand-up block bottom bags, central or offset back seal, whole range of reclosable features available. It combines the benefits of a traditional side gusseted bag and stand-up pouch and rolls it into a package that sits narrow on the shelf, doesn’t tip over, and squares up like a box.

Easy to run on round to square or fully rectangular forming tubes, you can even run it on the same equipment as pillow bags by easily adding a detachable terminal to your pillow former. The block bottom bag, utilizing all the best features of the stand-up pouch and quad seal bag (Quattro bag), gives you 360 degrees of real estate for printing your company information, logo, feeding instructions, etc. Whether the bag is standing up or lying flat, the block bottom bag is designed to get your product noticed at every angle.

Vegatronic 2000 OF and WA 14-25 - for rice in block bottom bag

Ima Ilapak Vegatronic 2000 OF vertical form fill seal bagger packaging machine and multihead weigher Weightronic WA 14-25 for rice in block bottom bag
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