LUX DC 235-150/8

High speed pouch machinery with an unique dual motion system composed of an intermittent module for pouch forming and a continuous module for product filling. 

Ideal for a wide number of bag dimensions, as well as the possibility to equip the Doy pouches with re-closable zipper, shaped round corners, easy open tear notch and hole punch.

Given its versatility, this machine is suitable for following applications:

Cheese (Parmesan, Mozzarella, snacks like cubes and sticks, grated, semi-hard, hard)

Candies, Chocolate & Snacks (wrapped or naked candies, wrapped or naked chocolates, hard or soft sweets, jellies or marshmallows)

Cereals (breakfast cereal, biscuits, flakes, all kinds of dry products).



LUX DC 235-150/8 for solid pet food in DOY pouch

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