Delta 6000 R

The IMA Ilapak Delta 6000 is a new fully modular design flow wrapper machine that offers complete IP65 protection, enabling full wash down capability, even of the sealing elements.

Ima Ilapak Delta 6000 R horizontal flow wrap packaging machine for pizza and tortillas in reclosable pillow bag

This flow wrapping platform incorporates a new higher-speed long-dwell sealing system for M.A.P. applications up to 150 ppm.
Ideal for meat, cheese, pizza, and bakery products.

The IMA Ilapak Delta 6000 offers a higher degree of machine cleaning with an easier cleaning process
and the possibility to install the machine in a harsh environment.

Moreover, it offers the possibility to expand the machine option configuration & connect the machine with different feeding systems. 
The higher reliability components and the easy maintenance make this packaging machine a perfect wrapping solution
for our customer requirements and it's available to perform hermetic sealing and M.A.P. applications
while managing a wide range of wrapping material characteristics.

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