The Delta VacMap™ - a unique flow wrapping concept.

Delta VacMap™ is a truly innovative flow wrapping machine that produces attractive traditional looking packs with a shelf life that, until now, was only available by using thermoforming. Particularly suitable for the spongy products that are typically found in the bakery industry, an in line vacuum system allows the machine to extract the oxygen that is trapped inside the product itself.

Ima Ilapak Delta VacMap horizontal flow wrap form fill and seal flow wrapper packaging machine with carousel extending shelf life

Designed as a cost effective alternative to expensive skin and thermoforming packaging, the Delta VacMap™ combines vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) in one machine. The vacuum system allows the machine to extract trapped pockets of oxygen found inside the product itself. The result is a packaging line that produces attractive traditional looking packs with the same shelf life characteristics of thermoforming, at a greatly reduced cost. And unlike with thermoforming, whole package printing is as easy as on a traditional horizontal flow wrapper.

Cost savings are realized across the board, from lower film costs, increased throughput and reduced labor expenses as the Delta VacMap™ machine requires very little operator involvement.

If the food application needs a hygienic packing environment, the Delta VacMap™’s fully automatic product feeding and handling system will meet the most stringent requirements. The easy-clean design will keep cleanup downtime to a minimum whilst maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

The Delta VacMap™ line also boasts a great deal of flexibility, as it easily handles multiple sizes and can be used a normal gas flushing wrapper by turning off the vacuum system, thus increasing wrapping speed as a result.

This solution allows the reduction of wrapping material use compared to a thermoforming application and, moreover, is capable of handling recyclable and sustainable packaging materials.


Key benefits of Delta VacMap™ :


-   Same shelf life as thermoforming at a reduced cost.
-   Reduced material and labour costs combined with higher throughput.
-   Fast product size changes.
-   High quality pack presentation with print registered film.
-   Fully automatic feeding.
-   Three operating modes: Flow wrap; MAP and VacMap™.
-   Capable of handling recyclable and sustainable wrapping materials

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