WA 10

An ultra-hygienic multihead combination weigher that is suitable for a full wash-down environment, available with small, medium and large volume hoppers for the best combination of speed and lowest give-away.

IMA Ilapak multi head weigher machine WA 10 for vertical packaging line

One of a suite of food weighing solutions for free flowing and non-free flowing products, this weigher promises outstanding accuracy, reliability and flexibility. Ilapak’s multihead weighers are tailored to match each customer’s products, to consistently and precisely weigh across a very wide spectrum of weights and speeds.

Vegatronic 1000 Inclined and WA 10-80 - for bakery bread rolls in pillow bag

Ima Ilapak Vegatronic 1000 Inclined vertical form fill seal bagger packaging machine and multihead weigher Weightronic WA 10-80 for bakery bread rolls
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